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Critical Information Summary
Splash Internet Home Internet Plans


Information About This Service:

The Service:

Splash Internet is a Wireless Internet Service Provider offering high-speed Internet access with a monthly included data allowance. If you exceed your monthly data allowance your speeds will be shaped to 128Kbps with no excess data charges. You can upgrade to a higher plan at anytime throughout the billing period. You can also downgrade any plan but this can only be completed at the end of a billing period. Any unused monthly data expires at the end of your billing cycle.

Mandatory Components:

You will require a modem/router for this service. Splash Internet will provide a wireless router once an a subscription is active.  This router, together with all installed equipment remains the property of Splash Internet Pty Ltd.  

Minimum term:

All our casual plans are non-contractual. All accounts will be billed 1 month in advance.

Important Conditions:

Please go to our website www.splashinternet.com.au or call us (02) 6100 4600 or (02) 6495 0808 to to establish coverage/availability at your locations .The service may not be available at your location.  The service provides you with a dynamic IP address. The advertised speeds are based on a theoretical maximum. Broadband speeds test may vary.   Factors including: Interference, Signal Strength. Network congestion, the server running the speed test application & the device performing the speed test can affect broadband speed.

Information About Pricing

PlanData IncludedSpeeds Mbps (up to)Slowed to if data limit reached kbpsPrice per/month
Ultra40GB50/25128/128 kbps$40.00 ($1.00 per/GB)
Super100GB50/25128/128 kbps$50.00 ($0.50 per/GB)
Pro300GB50/25128/128 kbps$70.00 ($0.23 per/GB)

Maximum monthly charge:

The maximum monthly charge depends on whether you have chosen to upgrade to a higher plan throughout the month.

Termination of Service:

You can cancel your service at any time with a minimum 14 days written notice given. The cancellation will be completed at the end of the current or next billing period.

Other Information

Usage information:

You can monitor your usage going to http://accounts.splashinternet.org/radiusmanager/user.php or by calling us on (02) 6100 4600 or (02) 6495 0808.

Enquires, Feedback & Complaints:

We are committed to providing you with an excellent service. Please contact us by phone on (02) 6100 4600 or (02) 6495 0808 or by email at support@splashinternet.com.au with any questions, feedback or complaints.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman:

We encourage you to always contact us first if you experience any problems or are unhappy with our service. We will do our best to solve your problem during our first contact. 

You can contact the TIO as follows:

Phone: 1800 062 058
Fax: 1800 630 614
Online: http://www.tio.com.au/making-a-complaint