Reduce Costs with a Virtual Infrastructure

Lower your capital and operational costs and improve operational efficiency and flexibility. Go beyond server consolidation and deploy a standard virtualization platform to automate your entire IT infrastructure. Our customers have harnessed the power of virtualization to better manage IT capacity, provide better service levels, and streamline IT processes. We coined a term for virtualizing the IT infrastructure–we call it the virtual infrastructure.

A virtual infrastructure consists of the following components:

  • Bare-metal hypervisors to enable full virtualization of each x86 computer.
  • Virtual infrastructure services such as resource management and consolidated backup to optimize available resources among virtual machines
  • Automation solutions that provide special capabilities to optimize a particular IT process such as provisioning or disaster recovery.

Virtualization with confidence

The Splash Internet portfolio is the most adopted, most feature-rich cloud infrastructure available on the market today (VMware® vSphere™).

Splash Internet has invested in engineering, architectural design and solution validation to deliver integrated solutions with exceptional performance, reliability and simplified management.

Splash Internet virtualization with VMware ESX can help drive IT efficiency in the smallest environments and the largest data centres by delivering:

  • Optimised infrastructure for exceptional virtualization performance and energy economy to run your business-critical applications with confidence
  • A tightly integrated solution that is easy to deploy and manage, enabling you to respond to business needs faster
  • A virtualization envIronment built on a trusted hypervisor and hardware layer

Business-ready solutions tailored to your needs

VMware vSphere uses the power of virtualization to help transform data centres into dramatically simplified cloud infrastructures. Splas Internet is committed to driving complexity from enterprise computing, including virtual infrastructure. Together, Splash Internet and VMware deliver efficient virtual infrastructure solutions that are fast to deploy and easy to manage.

  • Enhanced physical and virtual management with VMWarevCetner.
  • Virtualization reference architectures  (business-ready configurations for virtualization) to help you get started and to provide best practices to incorporate existing environments
  • A complete package for quick virtualization deployment.

Accelerate time to efficiency

The extensive Splash Internet portfolio of services is designed to accelerate virtualization adoption so you can quickly realise return on investment without sacrificing productivity. We can help you develop a strategic approach to virtualization, encompassing people, process and technology, with action-oriented plans that deliver high-impact projects with predictable outcomes.

Splash Internet virtualization with VMware vSphere helps solve critical business issues

Protect critical data 

  • Integrated firewall engine within ESXi for service-oriented restrictions to access for specific services by IP or subnet
  • Efficient, integrated backup with VMware Data Recovery
  • Choice of third-party data protection software tested and supported from IRON
  • Splash Storage Consulting Services to help optimise data protection

Simplify management of an increasingly complex data centre

  • VMware Storage DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) enables more efficient storage placement and use
  • Storage and networking I/O (input/output) controls for automated policy-based management
  • Seamless element management and monitoring for vSphere envIronments.
  • Easy deployment with VMware ESXi embedded in IRON virtualization-optimized servers.
  • Comprehensive server management  integration with VMware ESXi
  • Integrated data management and support for VMware vStorage Application Programming Interfaces for multi-pathing with Splash Internet storage platforms.

Reduce IT capital and operating expenses; allocate costs toward funding IT innovation

  • Affordable and interoperable IT
  • Build virtual infrastructure for cloud computing
  • Simplified packaging options for VMware vSphere

 Deploy a VMware virtual infrastructure optimized for your business

  • A comprehensive portfolio of servers and storage designed and certified for VMware vSphere to deliver end-to-end virtual infrastructures for  large and small organizations
  • Collaborative solution design, integration and testing to help ensure production readiness
  • Splash Virtualization Services to help accelerate deployment and return on investment.