Questions & Answers


How does Splash Internet connect us to the internet if we don't have a phone line?

Splash Internet will install a small radio transmitter at your residence which communicates by means of fixed point wireless to one of our many base stations throughout your location. The advantage of fixed point wireless over the copper network is the the minimal loss in both speeds and connection over long distances.

Would I be expected to sign into a contract with Splash Internet?

No contracts are required to sign up with any of our home internet plans however you do need to comply and agree to our terms and conditions found on our website


What can I do to ensure I get the maximum speed?

Preferably connect the device via cable to the router provided or ensure your wifi signal strength on the device your using is 3+ bars. You should experience very good performance by following these tips.


If I need help who can I call?

You can call our support line on (02) 6100 4600 and you will be connected to a local support operator. If you reach our message service please leave a detailed message or your enquiry and we will return your call when the next staff member becomes available.

Where can I check my account usage?

Enter your login details. You can then access your traffic reports.