How to Estimate Your Internet Usage Requirements

How can I check and monitor my Internet usage?

For information about your current usage levels you can login to the customer portal via or contact our Support Line on (02) 
6100 4600.

How much data does it take to...?

Below are some general estimates of data usage for common Internet activity. 
The guidelines below are approximations, actual usage could be far
greater e.g. High Definition Video Conferencing, downloading High Definition
movies or images instead of standard definition versions and heavy email usage with large attachments.

Activity TypeMeasurement of estimated / approximate data used
Internet browsing/surfing40MB per hour
Emails500KB per email (estimate includes attachments & spam)
Video Conferencing600MB per hour
Films2GB per film (avi, mpeg, divx)
Game/Movie Trailers100MB each
Music tracks5MB per song (4-5min duration)
Online gaming50MB per hour
Online radioAverage stream at 128Kbps
Photos/Documents850KB per image
Videos5MB per minute