Splash Casual Internet


Splash Casual Internet is an affordable and convenient internet access solution.

Our wide range of Splash Casual Internet Plans provide internet access instantly via our hotspot network with priority support when you need it most.

Splash Casual Internet service is perfect for people requiring access whilst on holidays or business trips.

Splash Casual Internet Plans do not require any long-term commitments or contracts,

Simply purchase the data you need, when you need it! 

Casual Internet Plans

PlanData IncludedSpeeds kbps (up to)DevicesSlowed to kbpsPriceMore Details
24 Hours1000MB20000/1000X5128/128KBPS$10.00 ($10.00 per/GB)More Details
7 Days 3000MB20000/1000X5128/128KBPS$20.00 ($6.66 per/GB)More Details
14 Days6000MB20000/1000X5128/128KBPS$35.00 ($5.83 per/GB)More Details
7 Days UnlimitedUnlimited20000/1000X2N/A$40.00More Details
14 Days UnlimitedUnlimited20000/1000X2N/A$60.00More Details
28 Days UnlimitedUnlimited20000/1000X2N/A$80.00More Details


Professional Use Plans and Prices

PlanData IncludedSpeeds kbps (up to)DevicesSlowed to kbpsPriceMore Details
7 Days Unlimited Download - 5GB UploadUnlimited20000/5000X2Uploads slowed to 1000kbps$60.00More Details
14 Days Unlimited Download - 15GB UploadUnlimited20000/5000X2Uploads slowed to 1000kbps$90.00More Details
28 Days Unlimited Download - 30GB UploadUnlimited20000/5000X2Uploads slowed to 1000kbps$110.00More Details
28 Days Unlimited Download - 50GB UploadUnlimited20000/10000X2Uploads slowed to 1000kbps$140.00More Details


Where is Splash Casual Internet available?

Splash Casual Internet is provided via public hotspots covering a vast majority of Merimbula, Pambula and Pambula Beach. 

How do I purchase a Casual Internet Plan?

You can purchase a Casual Internet Plan via our hotspot page using a credit card on our secure payment gateway.  

Simply connect to one of our many public hotspots and select the data plan you require.  You can also visit one of our many ticket vendors in Merimbula listed below.


Splash Internet Ticket Vendors:

  • Black Dolphin Motel, Merimbula

  • The Sands Holiday Units, Merimbula

  • Calendo Apartments, Merimbula

  • Crown Apartments, Merimbula

  • Chapman Court Holiday Units, Merimbula

Please Note: Only 1GB, 3GB & 6GB tickets are available from ticket vendors