VOIP Fair Use Policy

This policy is designed to protect the quality and integrity of the VOIP service and in doing so ensure all customers receive fair and equitable access.

The policy specifically relates to usage of un-timed ("flat rate") calls and "included" calls on all VOIP plans that have these type of call inclusions provided to its subscribers. Examples include but are non limited to:

Lite Home Plan
Pro Home Plan

We may depend on our Fair Use Policy in circumstances where your usage of "flat rate" or "included" un-timed call charges that form part of a pricing plan or promotional offer is deemed to be excessive or unreasonable.

We retain the right to vary the terms of the Fair Use policy at our discretion from time to time.

Excessive use

The objective of the excessive use provisions of the Fair Use Policy is to identify those customers likely to be using residential plans for commercial purposes.  This is likely to place unsustainable demands on the system.

Splash Internet considers a call duration of more than 180 minutes per call where a ‘flat rate’ applies, and or more than 3000 minutes of talk time per month as potentially indicative of non-ordinary residential usage.  Splash Internet may also consider a regularity of calling that indicates that the service is not being used for residential use only.

If your use of the prescribed VOIP plans is excessive we will contact you by phone or email, using the contact details you have provided advising that you may be in breach of the Fair Use Policy.  If for the next billing period usage continues at a similar level and frequency you will receive formal notification from Splash Internet, advising that you have 14 days to provide a Statutory Declaration to Splash Internet, in which you swear or affirm that the service is used for residential purposes only.  If after 14 days, Splash Internet has not received a completed Statutory Declaration or you have not requested (and been granted) an extension within which to provide that Statutory Declaration, Splash Internet may:

*  Change your plan to a pay as you go without further notice and you will be billed accordingly

*  Suspend your service without further notice

Unreasonable use

Without restricting what is meant by "unreasonable" Splash Internet will supply the service for the purpose of you making and receiving calls on our network for your personal use.

Splash Internet will consider unreasonable use of the service to be:

* Using a residential service for business purposes
* If you use a device that reroutes calls to/from our network or the network of another supplier or
wholesale any service on our network

In contrast to the above sub-clauses we may in our absolute discretion give our consent to this type of behaviour, subject to conditions and in writing. We further consider your use of the service to be unreasonable if you reduce or limit the ability of other customers to access our network as you:

* Engage in the bridging of conference calls
* Use the Splash Internet service to link two or more communication devices together for the purposes of providing a permanent or semi-permanent circuit
* Use the Splash Internet service for any other purpose than the predominant function of person-to-person voice communication.

Without reducing or restricting our rights under the Terms of Service, where we consider your use unreasonable Splash Internet may contact you by phone or email, using the contact details you have provided advising that you are in breach of the Fair Use Policy and to cease unreasonable use immediately otherwise your service may be subjected to suspension or cancellation without further notice or choose to suspend or cancel your service immediately and without any prior notice if the breach is considered seriously detrimental to the network.