Splash Casual Unlimited Download / Fast 5MBPS Upload Limited to 5GB $60.00

Detailed Purchase Information 
Data: Unlimited Download/5GB Upload
Speeds (up to): 20000/5000 Kbps
Excess usage whist ticket is still valid will be slowed to 20000/1000 KBPS

Questions and Answers


What happens when I reach my UPLOAD data limit but I still have time remaining?

Your internet connection will be slowed to 20000/1000 kbps for the remaining time
***Please note excess usage is NOT charged*** 


How many devices can I connect to the internet at the same time?

A Maximum of 2 devices.


What can I do to ensure I get the maximum speed?

Check that the signal strength on the device you're using is a minimum of 50% of the total bars available. You should also check your account hasn't expired 
*** Please note *** If you experience slow speeds, try moving to another part of the building or connecting to a different Splash access point. 

If I purchase a ticket online when will I receive my login details?

The online checkout process will only take a few minutes. 
You will receive your login details on screen and via email and/or text message.


I am outside the service area yet I still get access, why?

Our coverage maps are not always up to date. Check the performance of the connection by browsing around the Splash website before purchasing a ticket.


If I need help who can I call?

You can call our support line on (02) 6100 4600 and you will be connected to a local support operator. If you reach our message service please leave a detailed message and we will return your call when the next staff member becomes available.

Where can I check my account usage?

Enter your login details. You can then access your traffic reports and your ticket validity.