Splash Home Fixed Point Wireless Internet

Splash Home Wireless Internet is the perfect internet solution for the Far South Coast.

Splash Internet can supply your home with high a speed internet connection with coverage areas including Bega, Merimbula, Pambula, Tura Beach, Pambula Beach, Bald Hills, South Pambula, Lochiel, Millingandi, Greigs Flat, Broadwater, Wolumla, Candelo & Eden areas.

A comprehensive range of plans are available, all at highly competitive prices shown below.  If you are a home user there will be a monthly plan to suit you!

All our plans have the bonus of NO CONTRACT'S and do not require a phone line. 

Looking for a budget plan?  Check out the 40GB plan for just $40.00 per month,  great value for money.

Do you need to keep up with cutting edge technology?  Our Unlimited plan @  $80.00 per month could be for you.

PlanData IncludedSpeeds MBPS (up to)Slowed to if data limit reached kbpsPrice per/month
Ultra40GB50/25 Mbps128/128 kbps$40.00 ($1.00 per/GB)
Super100GB50/25 Mbps128/128 kbps$50.00 ($0.50 per/GB)
Pro300GB50/25 Mbps128/128 kbps$70.00 ($0.23 per/GB)
UnlimitedUnlimited50/25 MbpsN/A$80.00

What is included in the Home Internet Installation?

Splash Internet will install one cable from the antenna on the exterior of your building to a wireless router inside your home. This process is completely reversible, leaving minimal signs that the service was installed. If you are renting a property it is your responsibility to gain approval from either the Landlord/Real Estate for our equipment to be installed.

All equipment installed by Splash Internet is provided rent free for as long as there is a valid subscription with the provider.

There is a one-off installation fee that must be paid prior to the installation. This is a minimum of $180.00, there are cases where additional costs may be involved with above standard installations, e.g stronger antenna or larger pole required. The installation technician will inform you if this is required on day of installation and you will be invoiced on the day.

Splash Internet will install, configure & test the equipment to ensure the internet is working and ready to use before leaving. 

The Home Installation usually takes about 1 - 1.5 hours but occassionally varies.

All equipment remains the property of Splash Internet

Home Internet Installation Diagram


How do I get Splash Internet connected at my address?

Having Splash Internet installed at your home is a quick and easy process.  Simply contact us and request an on-site installation. We will then verify the service is available at your address.

Once we confirm your address is within our service area we can schedule an installation date.

A suitable time and date will be agreed for us to connect the service (weather permitting).

Prior to the installation your Splash Internet account will be created.

Once the installation is completed, our installer will perform a verification test to ensure your devices are connected successfully.  

You can begin to enjoy a great internet connection. 


Simply call us on (02) 6100 4600 or (02) 6495 0808 to organise an Internet connection today!